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Johnny sipped the warm espresso. Exhaustion leaked out of every crevice of his body. He hoped this drink would bring him back to life. It was a cold day. His bones were moaning, grinding a bit too much for his tastes. He had to move somewhere warm. But moving wouldn't be so easy.

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Getting the money to do so wouldn't be easy. Gone was the day where he could take a backpack and head across a continent.

No, he thought as he rubbed his inflamed knees, those days were only a memory unshared. And what was a memory unshared but one with a foot in the grave? He was thinking too much.

In one gulp he finished his drink. Soon the caffeine would dilate his thinking.

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He checked his watch. It was almost time.

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Holding his small patrol bag, he walked up to the counter and asked for more coffee. The machine spat steam, and a moment later he was handed another cup. The girl behind, a patchwork of tattoos, holes, piercings, and smooth curves smiled at him. He wanted to maintain his grim demeanor, but her sparkling eyes forced him to smile back. He walked back to his chair and sat down, arching his back when a spasm rippled through. It wasn't too late to head back home. No, a voice of reason spoke up, you need the money.

These dual feelings, bubbling up as thoughts, fought inside his head until he felt sick.

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When he gets out he wants revenge. He wants everything he has, his wife, his children and his house.

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It is about betrayal and revenge and sating that hate. Your email address will not be published.

Open Treasure Chests and renovate the Cafe Theater to increase Arno's cash flow.

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