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Corey - talk about the experience of seeing their books come to life on set and on screen. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The notion of government has always gone hand in hand with questions regarding its legitimacy. The idea of creating a parallel between the decision-making structures of the State and those of the company in order to highlight the tension between our democratic principles and the subordination endured by employees is not new.

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The vast number of examples cited by Anderson illustrates the fact that wage labour and abuses of power are still a reality in the 21 st century: in companies in the United States, employees are subjected to undignified working conditions that actually undermine their physical well-being. Over the course of the book, Elizabeth Anderson proves that without regulation, private property rights, particularly in the working world, become a breeding ground for hierarchies of every kind.

Do the worrying workplace conditions that she describes not merit more radical counter-measures? Her proposals — facilitating exit, regulating labour relations under proper rule of law, providing employees with subjective rights, and amplifying their voice within companies through participatory mechanisms — are disappointing due to both their vagueness and their tentativeness. With regard to her first solution — exit — she cites contractual barriers, such as noncompete clauses that bar employees from working for companies in the same industry p.

It is vitally important that these clauses be removed, but as she points out elsewhere, this solution is entirely insufficient: in a context of increasing job scarcity, the exit option is immediately compromised by the lack of viable alternatives. Her proposal to empower workers by giving them a greater voice also lacks radicalism.

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Consulting employees from time to time on their working conditions can never be a substitute for the joint drafting of rules. If you want to discuss this essay further, you can send a proposal to the editorial team redaction at laviedesidees.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Michaux ed.

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Jacob, , pp. Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, Paris, For an overview in French, see Ingrid Artus, Allemagne.


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Review Philosophy The Corporate Dictatorship. Historicising free-market thinking Unchanged since the 18 th century, the dominant economic discourse fails to acknowledge that the free market, once seen as a vehicle of equality, now poses a threat to both equality and individual freedom. Furthermore, Anderson criticizes the argument that if individuals are free to exit a relationship, authority cannot exist within it: This is like saying that Mussolini was not a dictator, because Italians could emigrate. From private government to democratic business management?

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