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Historical Note: New York City organization formed for the relief of the famine in the Southern states. Parrot, Captain to Liverpool in , and a voyage to Savannah, Georgia. He includes an account of his acquaintance with a slave couple in Savannah and his effort to help them escape aboard the ship on which he was employed. Ubes St. Ybes , Portugal, and a voyage to Belfast aboard the "Huron" in He also gives an account of the wreck of his ship "Marion" on a Florida reef.

Loose material in the volume consists of a newspaper clipping giving the history of the Ship "Granite State", on which Weeks served as captain, and two photographs of sailing ships, one of the vessels being identified as the "Governor Goodwin". Sumner, Charles. Draft, ca. It is accompanied by a printed petition, "Memorial of the citizens of Virginia to the General Assembly, asking for certain reforms in the law concerning slaves and persons of color," and a holograph letter to Sumner from J.

Flournoy, dated January 24, Van Hoesen, Haviland, and Van Valkenburgh family papers, Deeds, leases, releases, bonds, receipts, wills, mortgages, indentures, printed invitations, letters, etc. Walker Family Papers, Correspondence, accounts, and legal papers, , of various members of the Walker and Rockwell families, especially William Walker , William Perrin Walker , Julius Rockwell , Reuben Rockwell, and Lucy Walker Rockwell, including: papers relating to William Walker's Revolutionary service, especially his records, , as a recruiting officer for Berkshire County; a orderly book; records of the Lenox Committee of Safety, ; papers, mostly receipts , relating to Major Isaac Goes' service as a commissary dealing in wheat and flour at Kinderhook, New York, many having to do with his dealings with Theodore Sedgwick ; material relating to Shays' Rebellion; a Lenox tax roll, ; correspondence of William Perrin Walker, , concerning such subjects as the War of , relations with France, slavery, and Mass.

Lux's letters concern business dealings, including the sale of individual slaves; ships and shipping ventures in the West Indies; collection of debts; family news; the fortunes and conduct of other merchants; insurance payments; bad relations between England and America; and the delivery and sale of trade goods such as tobacco, flour, spirits, salt, sugar, molasses, etc.

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Gorton, John. Kemmish, No. Call No. Philadelphia : Printed by J. Ormrod, No. Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth. Charleston : Published by order of the Society, printed by A.

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Miller, no. P53 Bolling, Philip A. The Speeches of Philip A.

Stolen Child

Richmond, Printed by T. White, Garrison, William Lloyd. New-York : Printed for the free people of color, G24 Jay, William, J42 Child, Lydia Maria Francis. Newburyport: published by Charles Whipple, Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women. New York: printed by William S. Dorr, Benedict, , Nassau St. Abolitionism Exposed Corrected. By a Physician, Formerly Resident of the South.

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By a Tennesseean. Philadelphia, J. Sharp, Carey, John L. Lewis, Market St. Toy, printer, Ballou, Adin. Non-Resistance in Relation to Human Governments. Boston : Non-Resistance society, Notes: "This tract contains the remarks of Adin Ballou at the first annual meeting of the Non-resistance society, held in Boston, Sept. B19 Colton, Calvin.

Colonization and Abolition Contrasted. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. On Receiving Donations from Holders of Slaves. Boston: Printed by Perkins and Marvin, [? Smith, Gerrit. Smith, James McCune. New York: Published by request, Garnet, Henry Highland.

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Troy, N. Kneeland and Co. N3 Box 2. Brookes, Iveson L. Publisher Hamburg, S. Bryan, Edward B. Garnett, Muscoe Russell Hunter. Charleston [S. G23 Beecher, Henry Ward.

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Rochester : Steam press of A. Douglass, Frederick. Dewey, printer, []. Phillips, Wendell. P55 Clarke, James Freeman. C59 Channing, William Ellery. C T6. Tappan, Lewis. The War: Its Cause and Remedy. T35 Van Evrie, John H.

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Search the online catalog www. Hammon, Jupiter. Hartford: Printed for the author, by the assistance of his friends, []. Equiano, Olaudah. First American edition. New-York : Printed and sold by W. Durell, at his book-store and printing-office, No. Wheatley, Phillis.

Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral. John Wheatley, of Boston, in New England. London: Printed for A. Bell, bookseller, Aldgate; and sold by Messrs. Cox and Berry, King-street, Boston.


Williams, James. W73 Brown, William Wells. Narrative of William W. B88 Douglass, Frederick. Boston: Anti-Slavery Office, Henson, Josiah.