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They do nest under debris and rocks and will spin a few strands of silk. Daddy long leg spiders will almost always be upside down in a very untidy web and as soon as you touch the web they will start to vibrate in the web. When you look at the knees of a daddy long leg spider you will note a slightly thickened part where it bends with a white marking just before the bend and the knee being a darker brown than that of the leg. The Violin spider will have slightly thinning legs and they will all be the same colour.

Physical characteristics

For the last method to distinguish between the two you will have to look very close. The violin spider only has 6 eyes arranged in a U shape of non-touching pairs.

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Almost all other spiders have 8 eyes grouped in pairs. Violin spider venom is a cytotoxic venom. A bite from these spiders will not be felt until a couple of hours later. Some species may use their legs to dab or even flick these chemicals onto a potential predator. This is false at many levels, notably that they are neither spiders different order, Araneae nor do they even possess poison glands.

Despite their complete harmlessness to humans, this story has long history and can be heard repeated in most any area of the world where these arachnids occur. Arachnids of Similar Appearance: The cellar spiders Family Pholcidae are spiders that share the feature of extraordinarily long legs with with daddylonglegs. However, these are true spiders Order Araneae and, among other things, produce a silken web within which they are almost always found.

Is the Daddy Longlegs Dangerous to Humans?

Cellar spiders are most often found in corners of outbuildings and basements. The information herein is supplied with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and that listing of commercial products, necessary to this guide, implies no endorsement by the authors or the Extension Services of Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming or Montana. Criticism of products or equipment not listed is neither implied nor intended. Due to constantly changing labels, laws and regulations, the Extension Services can assume no liability for the suggested use of chemicals contained herein.

Pesticides must be applied legally complying with all label directions and precautions on the pesticide container and any supplemental labeling and rules of state and federal pesticide regulatory agencies. State rules and regulations and special pesticide use allowances may vary from state to state: contact your State Department of Agriculture for the rules, regulations and allowances applicable in your state and locality. Has no segmented body like a spider, but appears as one ball-like structure amid the legs.

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Has legs much longer than its body Has no fangs and no venom glands Does not liquefy food like a spider, but eats small pieces of prey Have poor eyesight and use front legs as feelers. Are lone hunters and do not build webs.

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Cellar Spiders Legs are 5 to 6 times longer than its body. Considered harmless to humans.

Will vibrate its entire body and its web to ward off potential predators rather than attack. It vibrates up and down so fast, it becomes hard to see and predators can lose sight of it.

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Eats mosquitoes , woodlice and other smaller insects - including other spiders. Very commonly found in homes and cellars, earning its name as cellar spider.

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