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You can take professional- looking photos without ever leaving the salon.

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If taking photos at your station, clear dust and remove tools and trash. Ditch the terry cloth towel and use something creative, such as glittery paper or print your own backdrop with your salon logo and name. Natural light is best, so try to take photos near a window under indirect sunlight. Just grab your phone, switch to camera mode and follow these easy steps for taking amazing photos that will showcase your best work and, ultimately, drive clients to your chair.

Develop a few go-to poses so followers will begin to recognize your work. Phone cameras use digital zoom that will degrade the clarity of your photos. When shooting, take multiple shots. It only takes a minute and gives you a lot to choose from. Then, crop out any unnecessary space. Placing a business card in the shot will also work.

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Photo Shop Make every shot perfect with clever apps designed to do just that. Here, Sarah Waite, the nail artist behind chalkboardnails. Change the tone of highlights, midtones and shadows separately for the perfect color.

For Android and iOS. Curvegram allows you to place curved text on an image. Curving your name along the cuticle line is a subtle, classy way to watermark. For iOS.

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Phonto lets you add text, such as your name or social media handle, to each photo. This is important if your photo gets separated from your account. PicPlayPost enables you to combine still photos and videos in a collage. Moldiv creates photo collages. Leslie Henry is a business development executive, licensed nail tech and the blogger behind workplaypolish. Prep clients nails.

Dispose of tab. One Client. One Tool. One Solution. Visit our website at nailpro. M usic means different things to each of us. For classic purists, a vinyl record makes the ideal French tip. I also created a keyboard design for a more versatile look. As you explore these options, why not throw on a favorite album and see what it inspires you to create? Pam Minch hails from Parker, Colorado, and specializes in nail art. Her work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, among other publications, and she is a top nail competitor, competition judge and educator.

Add glitter top coat.

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Paint a black semicircle on the tip. Then add thin white lines to the black to represent record grooves. Add two banners using beige and blue; outline them in black. Finish with top coat. Seventeen magazine asked me to do an entire nail art story using my own designs! I was so nervous, but the photos came out so beautifully that I still use them in my portfolio. Who would you like to work with? Sophia Coppola.

What inspires you? I have met so many young people there who are bright, passionate and talented in the face of adversity.

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I always leave with my heart full and I am inspired by their stories. It grounds me and teaches me to be grateful and patient. What is your proudest accomplishment? My most treasured possession is… My Boston Terrier Yoshi! I love animals and he keeps me laughing. Are you a morning or night person? I was never a morning person until I began doing nails. Hello 6 a. Getting up early is great because you get so much accomplished during the day! My favorite type of food is… Indian food, particularly dosas.

What was your most recent impulse buy? Fabulously impractical! I am always blown away by anything Nagi San from Disco nails in Japan does.

My guilty pleasure is… Taking a day off! Working with youth at The Door. Galaxy nails for Anne Hathaway. I wanted to replicate the way graffiti overlaps with remnants of the old art sticking out from behind the new art. Bold, graffiti-inspired designs echo the urban jungle. Email it to nailpro creativeage. Clean off any gel that has settled in the sidewalls with a nail wipe and alcohol. Buff with a grit buffer, then reapply top coat.

Q No matter how thin I apply color gel, it ripples. What am I doing wrong? Laura Barber, via Facebook A When gels ripple it is most often due to the product not being fully cured.

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How do you come up with the lacquer monikers? I would like to come up with a few names too!

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Q In your career, what has been your most challenging set of nails, and why? I remember that the nails were about an inch thick and the acrylic was all over her skin. They were a disaster! My mom ended up prying them off that night. What OPI products do you recommend?

Overall, I still prefer acrylics to hard gels.