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Find the Gift. For hundreds of years, these dark woods have held a secret. Every living part of it knows, from the top-most leaf on the tallest oak to the tiniest earthworm needling through the earth below. They see them. They hear them.

Rise Of The Arkansas Werewolves | Jodi Vaughn

They feel them. They fear them.

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They are forced to watch with no way to scream out. No way to stop the shadows.

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Senior year has begun. Keira Ryan should be worrying about the two boys that are vying for her heart. She should be worrying about Prom.

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  • She should be worrying about gradureaation. In this fourth installment in the series, Keira and her friends race against time to rescue her charge before The Harvest.

    Demon Moon The Guardians, Book 2

    They must hurry. Their enemies are bringing forth a new force to sway the balance toward evil. The shadows are rising. This is revolution seen as an interesting collision of historical forces, rather than experienced through the rage and fear of people on the streets.

    The Guardian of Secrets

    There are many pleasures to be found here, including the characters: solitary, geeky Fred, who has never learned that to get on with other people you have to play a part; sparky, entitled Qi; gentle Ta Shu, an elderly poet and feng shui expert. The reflections are interesting, well informed and humane, and weave together an extraordinarily wide range of topics, including Chinese history, quantum theory, poetry, the dynamics of capitalism, the origins of Earth and moon, the dependence of language on analogy, even the nature of shyness.

    But for me the highlight was the relationship between Fred and Qi: a delightful and touching depiction of two people who would normally have nothing to do with each other, finding a way of getting along. Phone orders min.

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