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Her best friend Magawisca, the daughter of a Pequot chief, defies tribal authority to rescue a white man from death and restore a kidnapped girl to her family. This frontier novel paints an intriguing portrait of life in seventeenth-century New England as it explores the tumultuous relations between Puritans and Pequots. Author Catharine Sedgwick ranks among the founders of American literature. Her richly plotted books abound in unforgettable characters like Hope Leslie, whose challenges to the social order range from rejecting a unwanted suitor to freeing wrongfully imprisoned Indians.

Packed with politics, philosophy, and romance, this novel offers a fascinating depiction of women's efforts to build the new republic and claim their rightful place in history. Reprint of the White, Gallaher and White, edition.

Of Plymouth Plantation. The Scarlet Letter. The Last of the Mohicans. Wieland; or, the Transformation: An American Tale. Works of Catharine Sedgwick.

Controversial Kin: Transracial Adoption in "Hope Leslie" and "Ramona" - Inquiries Journal

Catharine Sedgwick. The Poor Rich Man. A New England Tale. Live and Let Live. Live and let live or domestic service illustrated.

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Five Tales. Arthur Conan Doyle. Magnetism Among the Shakers. The Travellers.

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A love token for children. The Linwoods. Margot Livesey. The Sabbath In New England. Married or Single? A Refugee from His Race.

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