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When we consider a person to be of moral excellence, we generally consider them an Authentic person of great character made up of virtues we admire and strive to acquire. Sincerity means to proactively practice authenticity and integrity, and having the courage and will to live and express according to whom we truly are.

It requires that we have to BE ethical in our actions, not just look ethical and talk ethics. Safe Space is referred to as an Environment of Psychological Safety, where conditions are created and supported that allow people to show up and be heard without fear of; exclusion, alienation, discrimination, manipulation, etc. It is important to establish ground rules to ensure the shared understanding and integrity of Safe Space as described in more detail here.

Based on Ch 3. Work Environment refers to the balance, flexibility and diversity, between individual needs and collective work expression. A choice against isolation, fragmentation, separation and despair.

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Some further reading here. On-boarding refers to both the initial integration of new members, and the ongoing formation of members both individually and collectively. It is given significant investment of time and attention to ensure new members are welcomed and supported. To help integrate successfully into the organization and its culture, much attention is given to training and discernment. This often includes learning new relational skills, understanding what new philosophy means in practice and may include going through a rotation program.

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The daily practices offered, are the tools each person has available to define and follow their way. Meetings refers both to, formal and informal, planned and impromptu, gatherings of members for the purpose of organizational life and function. No longer the only avenue for decision making, they are formatted and convened suitably in accordance with need and in-Tention, in a spirit of open enquiry.

They stimulate a significant level of presence, with an experience of deep encounter through respectful receiving and obtaining. Open to discussion and healthy debate, in an apparent manner as further described here.

Being Wholeness

Integrated and evolved view of U. Helps us recognize that energy follows attention. Wherever you place your attention, that is where the energy of the system will go. This means, attend to the openings, the challenges, and the disruptions where you feel the past ending, and the future wanting to begin. Scharmer, All elements seem to be both parts and wholes at the same time , fostering unity of Interiority and Oneness Atlee, In order to achieve this, we must learn to embody Solidarity through developing deep Communication.

In other words, the Holistic approach goes in the reverse direction of Reductionism. Just like any level of thinking, Holistic thinking is bound to simplify human nature wholes; what is interesting is how it does it. It takes multiple partial views of any given circumstance; the most effective method of this is through considering perspectives or points of view of the people involved.

There are three crucial methods that broaden our awareness by adopting different perspectives. An important difference: differences of perspective and worldview can both give rise to differences of opinion. Both concepts can be useful in understanding and working with differences of opinion, so it is valuable to understand the distinction between them. The following is a useful guide to their difference in meaning.

The Open University, See also Living Systems Thinking. Helps us connect to our deepest sources of inspiration and stillness — and to the place from which future possibility begins to arise. This movement merges three different types of presence: Of the future, the past; and the authentic self. It shifts the place from which the self emerges to the highest future possible — to our Self.

It is the capacity of the seer to redirect the beam of attention and intention across all levels and fields; the capacity of a system to shift the place from which its attention, intention, and action originate. In order to achieve this, we must learn to exercise our capacity to let go of our fear through developing Courage, pass through the Eye of the Needle, and letting the unknown come by engaging an open will. To let go of our old self identities and intentions and tune into the future that is seeking to emerge through our authentic Self; It requires us to develop and access our sources of SQ spiritual intelligence.

See also Spiritual Intelligence SQ. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Standard Posted by Mieke Byerley. Posted on April 20, Posted under Mentorship. Comments Leave a comment. Photo by Cyrience Creative Studio. The Courage to Live Undivided.

Involution; Inner Transformation and Self-Discovery ⋆ LonerWolf

Implicit wholeness is something to come to terms with and live within. It provides a transcendent understanding that helps us avoid the booby-traps of absolutism and ideology.

Dynamic Explicit wholeness: also know as Practical wholeness, is wholeness that we can heal, we can integrate, we can make more whole. Although things may be fundamentally whole, they may be broken, ill, fragmented, incomplete, etc. Unity: We are One, and we can be more united in our Values, more coherent in our efforts. Many physicians have seen evidence of the positive effect of love in healing the body.

Her neurologist told her that she had six to 12 months to live. In a letter to Dr. Yet I had unfinished business: a strong compulsion to discover what unconditional love was about before I died. In a separately written article, she describes her experiences after she made the commitment to discover unconditional love. She began by sitting in front of her mirror:.

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As I sat in my wheelchair, six months from death, a single, passionate desire pressed to the front of my mind. In my last months of life I wanted to experience unconditional love …. When I saw the huge preponderance of negative thoughts on the paper, I was forced to confront the degree of hatred I had for my body.

Next, I'd use that item to begin the rewriting. Every negative thought would be followed by a positive statement. I accepted by body. It didn't need to be any different; it could be whatever it was and whatever it was to be. I was stimulated to examine my deepest thoughts, desires and beliefs. The journey of self-discovery restructured my life and led me into a powerful experience of the mind-body connection.

In her letter to Dr. Replacing self-hatred with self-love was a healing in itself. Although this was her primary intention, she received a bonus—a body that began to heal as well. Her intention was not to change her body but to love her body as it was. This was the first and the primary healing.

How Can Wholeness Be In Crisis? Inquiring into the Human Predicament

If that were the only healing, it would have been significant in itself. But then her body began to reflect her state of mind, just as it had during the illness.

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Evy discovered that the body responds to our attitude toward it.