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Ray Schreiter Tom Higdon. The Nexus Initiative. Fractal Sustainability A systems approach to organizational change. Isabel Canto de Loura Robin Dickinson. Ralf Leinemann Elena Baikaltseva. Wolfgang Hoeschele. Selling and Sales Management. Michelle Schaffer. Sell Without Being Salesy The power of relational networking.

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Stephanie Wachman. Ronald Joseph Kule Arte Maren. Ask for the Order! The Professional Sales and Selling Coach. William G Fitzpatrick. Reputation Management Revised Edition. Stephan Schiffman. Jay Conrad Levinson Grant W. Strategic Marketing Management. Alexander Chernev. Marion Debruyne Koen Tackx. Christopher S Kalin. Tania Fletcher Julia Rockler. Jean Withers Carol Vipperman. The result? A world filled with broken families, broken friendships, broken hearts and broken lives.

But perfect love drives out fear. As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full. One of the greatest and, sadly, most common misconceptions about God is that He primarily motivates people out of guilt, shame, and fear. The reason for this widespread misconception? When it comes to manipulating behavior, you cannot find better tools than guilt, shame, and fear.

But, thanks be to God, the Gospel liberates us from guilt, shame, and fear and instead motivates us with forgiveness, hope, and love. The Gospel unites us with the heart of God through Jesus Christ. The Gospel teaches us how to be well-loved and filled with joy.

What if we learned how to invest our time, money and material resources in response to the Gospel? What if the journey of generosity followed a path of love and joy? What if our giving was an expression of worship and love—the way God designed it to be? Through this unique perspective on giving, it is our hope that you will be fully liberated from guilt, shame, and fear regarding your time and your finances. And in that liberation, we are confident you will find the deeper love and a greater joy that the Gospel offers to all of us. With each of these expressions we engage Him personally through the greatest created instrument of worship: the human heart filled with His Spirit.

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Led by Herman Rohde, a member of the Ring Church, Leipzig, Germany, this seminar focuses on how to draw closer in your relationship with God through learning how to listen to Him. Hear the challenges of living and serving in a post-christian society first-hand through the stories of our local and global partnerships. The challenges of this generation are forcing individual Christians and local churches out of places of comfort and complacency, demanding that we re-imagine what it means to be a people made by and marked by the Gospel.

In this series, we seek to both cast vision for what is to come and rejoice in who we are already becoming. May God grant us grace and favor to not only see His vision but to also follow His heart. To the Glory of the One to whom we belong, we seek to become an increasingly healthy, highly-functioning Body.

We trust that He will strengthen us for the challenge of sustaining the prevailing global disciple-making movement. We live in a world that is increasingly asking questions about the Christian worldview. How can a good God allow children to die of starvation?

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Who are you to tell someone else that they are wrong? It is hard enough to answer these kinds of questions for ourselves, much less defend our faith in an attractive manner. How can we understand and share our faith in a way that looks more like diplomacy than D-day? What does it look like to be transformed from darkness into light in our own lives as disciples of Jesus? Our 3-week series walks through the nature of our profound longings expressed in Sex, Power, and Money.

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Christmas uniquely opens our eyes to a revelation that can only be found fully in the Person of Christ. Our hope is that you will encounter God revealing Himself in new ways to you as you celebrate Christmas this season with us. Peter was, in many ways, a perpetual struggler.

Full of passion and promise, Peter stumbled his way through walking out with Jesus, before and after the resurrection. However, though he may have stumbled, he never stopped moving forward.

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He never stopped growing, changing, and serving. He never gave up on or walked away from his love for Jesus. As a result, he became a leader with a rich heritage of hope in the grace and power of Christ. He became a leader whose hope in Christ fueled courage and passion for the Gospel. That prevailing hope drives the message of the book of I Peter and prepares us to deepen our courage and passion for the Gospel in the midst of our most difficult challenges in life. Read Acts What does it mean that God gives us power?


What about the supernatural parts of that power? Is that stuff for real? What about the way we handle power in our daily lives—like positions of authority or influence? In all marriages there are challenges, but when you face these challenges "together", strength can be renewed, unity repaired and you can become intimate allies. The last recorded words that Jesus spoke to His disciples are recorded in Acts 1. This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven. The spontaneous movement of the Spirit would lead them to places and experiences they had never imagined.

The strategic movement of the Spirit would lead them to press through one religious, cultural, and personal barrier after another. This same unleashing continues to this day, as the Spirit moves in each of us, spontaneously and strategically, to fulfill His vision of a global disciple-making movement. Join our study of the Book of Acts with a heart prepared to fulfill your unique role in the gospel unleashed. On some level we all recognize that the core message and meaning of Christmas have been lost in the commercialization of the season.

We will open our eyes to glimpse the glory of Christ as the Promise, the Name, the Gift, and the King. Ever had one of those moments—when you just needed to be refreshed on the purpose and meaning of what you are doing? What do we hope to accomplish?