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This is a special compilation edition of the final three books in the All Mye Queen's Men six book series. This book contains All Mye Queen's Men books 4, 5 and When Mike found out he would be sharing a dorm with a former football star, he was terrified. He'd been bullied Sexy bridesmaid Erin is single and on the prowl. Murray considered missions to be "the chief end of the church. A marriage built on vengeance and desire!

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And now that he has her securely in his arms, he won't let her go. With Isabella as Vega, a journalist by trade and a cynic for life, came up with a brilliant pitch for a series of articles. Her editor loved the idea. Vega loved the notion of a long-term assignment that paid regularly.

So much for her brilliant idea. After all, if the readers of a national newspaper can recognize a love story as a love story, regardless of sexuality, she might change a few minds out there. As the interviews continue and her friendship with Iris grows, Vega wonders if her lifelong cynical attitude toward love might be softening a bit.

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Scottish Charm Book 1 - How much would you endure for your best friend? Would you plan an elaborate event that you don't believe in?

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Put up with a woman you never wanted to see again? Fake enthusiasm for an unrealistic pipe dream? Skye MacKinnon is forced to answer these questions when she's asked to be her best friend's maid of honor. As a cynic, she rejects the notion of marital bliss, but for a friend, she'll give it her best effort. That becomes more difficult the moment she learns that her old college nemesis, Ainsley Baird, will be playing an important role in the wedding. Brilliant, beautiful Ainsley has many talents, chief among them is irritating Skye.

Knowing how easily Ainsley pushes her buttons, Skye just hopes to get through the wedding without needing someone to post her bail. When Graysen Viola moves across the country to coach a college basketball team, she thought the hardest part of her job would be establishing a winning record. Being wrong has never been so challenging. The last thing this team wants or thinks it needs is a female coach. Together they must find a way to understand and trust each other in order to succeed.

Complicating matters is the lovely and persistent volleyball coach, Darby Evan, a former crush from their college days. If she can figure out how to handle a team that disapproves of her, then dealing with an unexpected love life should be a breeze by comparison. Or so she hopes. People she knew before want nothing to do with her.

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Her job is lousy and the pay is pitiful. Worst of all, police consider her a suspect in anything vaguely similar to her previous crime. A chance meeting with an old friend lets her leave all the unpleasantness behind. She moves to Aspen where no one knows her, takes up her former career as an electrician, and begins to reestablish her life as a decent citizen. Making friends is easy in this small town.

One friend in particular, Molly Sokol, turns out to be a kindred spirit. Life is finally back on track. In fact, it may be better than ever as her relationship with Molly turns romantic. Top-rated Most recent Top-rated.

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    Mending Defects - Lynn Galli • BookLikes (ISBN:BAHULE)

    Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is a truly heartwarming story about two women, Glory, who is hiding from relationships as a result of embarrassment caused by scars left behind by life saving surgery, and Lena, new in town after fleeing a failed relationship and nightmare job. This is a very clever device to stop the whole story being one sided. The relationship between the two is very entertaining to watch develop, particularly the realistic banter and wit they both share.

    There is a very likeable cast of supporting characters, with one or two unpleasant bigots thrown into the mix. Superbly written, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the rest of the series. There was a problem loading the comments at the moment. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Accountant Glory Eiben knows what life is like living in a small town. Nothing is sacred, no detail of anyone's personal lives goes unmentioned and unnoticed.

    Glory is a much loved and well respected member of the small ski town community.

    She has a loving family, a wide circle of friends and a successful accountancy business. Glory has also had a heart defect all her life. She survived to adulthood against all odds and up until now, she never thought she would have a future. Lena Coleridge arrives in town and moves in right next door to Glory. Lena has left a broken relationship and the big city school she was Principal of to become Principal of the small school in Aspen.

    Lena thinks she can slide in under the radar and keep herself to herself, but she has another think coming. Not in this small town. When Glory and Lena meet, both women are wary.