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If mastery takes 10, hours, Dan John has mastered the art of teaching and coaching many times over. He renders the complicated simple, and the simple clear. The hours I have spent learning from him changed my life.? Mark Twight, Gym Jones. His lectures on athletic training have revolutionized the thinking of thousands, and his new text, Never Let Go, will set the standard in safer, smarter, more productive training methods. The hours I have spent learning from him changed my life. Help Centre. Track My Order.

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Train Like a Bodybuilder Get Lean. Get Big. Please enable cookies in your browser to get the full Trove experience. Skip to content Skip to search. John, Dan. Published Santa Cruz, Calif. Language English. Author John, Dan. Physical Description p. Subjects Weight lifting. Weight training.

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  • Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning!
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Physical education and training. Summary There are a Few People in every Profession Who Can Be Considered great at what they do, and a few who rise above greatness and approach legendary.

Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning by Dan John

In the fitness and conditioning world, Dan John is one of the greatest of all time. Alwyn Cosgrove, Alwyncosgrove. Dan is a common man, but an uncommon motivator. Coach said so. Why fish oil? Just giving me the right to tell them what to do seems to free up new enthusiasm for training and the stuff they need to do in training. Denby spent a year doing something I wish I could do. He went back to his freshman year in college and retook the Humanities curriculum. In his mid-forties, he returned to Columbia College and sat in a room with a bunch of freshmen wearing backward baseball caps, and reread the great books.

Great books change as you age. Health is the harmony of the organs to operate optimally. Fitness is task-based. If you want to know about fat loss or muscle building, ask top level bodybuilders. These guys know it. In other words, quit buying fat-loss devices off the late-night TV ads from former sitcom actors, quit buying fat-loss stuff Grandma tried after her cribbage partner heard about it, and quit trying fad diets.

Instead, listen to the best of the best.

Find people who are doing your task and follow them. Make sure your fitness approach matches your fitness goals. We should begin a list of Things I Tried and share the information. We could call it the internet. The Litvinov Workout Front Squat for 8 reps. Run meters immediately after.

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Repeat three times. Taking a dumbbell or barbell, picking a big move, and doing it for as long as you can.

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How about ten minutes of jumping jacks? For six weeks or so, everything works. Because everything works, research findings will always come to certain basic conclusions: Less food and more exercise is good for people who want to lose fat and training with resistance tends to make people stronger. When I was growing up, when you got hurt it was always your fault. Think about recovery. Here are the best and brightest.

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Bikram Yoga. The real reason I recommend Bikram Yoga. On the top end of long-term recovery tools is the hot tub. I can extend a hot tub with stretching and a cold-water shower for up to thirty minutes. Routinized jogging is factory work, not natural activity. Two days of locking down nutrition, two days of lifting, and a total of eight minutes getting the system to burn fat. Oh, and the other day? Have some fun. Life is more than all of this nonsense. Instead of taking four years to drop fat, take twenty-eight days and do the Velocity Diet. Instead of taking four years to tweak your flexibility, go to a Bikram yoga studio and sign up for the thirty-day challenge.

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Let the coaching, the heat, and the yoga get you more flexible. Get as strong as you can the year before an Olympic year, then coast through the big year with that as your foundation. Instead of off-days or easy days, consider prep days when you take care of the other side of good training: your good nutrition.

The Big Five most people recommend? Yes, planks. I hate planks. Well, there you are shaking from stem to stern doing nothing but holding a position. These five lifts — the squat, the deadlift, the good morning, the bentover row and the plank. These five lifts will transform your body. The million-dollar key to learning movements in the gym: Let the body teach the body what to do. Listen to this: Try to stay out of it! Thinking through a movement often leads to problems.

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The single best lifting movement of all time: the goblet squat. Potato-sack squats and are a great reminder of how to deadlift. Do good mornings. First, stand up and place your hands in the V formed where your torso meets your legs. You know what I am talking about. Push your hands into the V and push your butt back as your hands disappear into the folds.

That is the movement of a good morning. Yes, keep your head up, shoulder blades pinched back, and hold a big chest, but the movement is simply increasing the V. If you do it right — even with no weight — you will feel the hamstrings stretching.