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Palestine's Poppies and Poets

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He regularly performs his poetry at recitations in Galilee. Al-Qasim has refused to leave Israel.

Poem 'In Flanders Fields'

Mahmoud Darwish was born in and died in All poetry is emotional. Palestinian poetry is especially so.

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Modern Palestinian poets put into words the reality of living under occupation. Bemoaning the loss of their land, they tell their stories with sorrow, pain, and hope. Mahmoud Darwish is well known for this.

The Red Poppy - Poem by Louise Gluck

His poems are a tribute to the Palestinian struggle and resistance. Darwish is considered one of the most important poets of today, and is recognized as a major literary voice for the Palestinian people. Mahmoud Darwish was born in in the village of Birwa in the Galilee, in the northern region of what was then Palestine. In , the Darwish family left their hometown after the area was declared part of the new state of Israel, and settled in a town called Dayru I-Assad.

Over the ensuing years, Darwish was subject to house arrests and imprisonments for political activism.

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His poetry is reflective of the struggles he encountered living under occupation during this time. In , Darwish spent one year of study at a university in Moscow, and made the decision to not return to his homeland. He spent the next twenty-six years living in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia and Paris and finally returned to his native land for a visit in His poems are mostly composed of plain words and a simple style.

Yet with their simplicity, his words are profoundly felt. In all his poems Darwish expresses strong sentiments about his love for his homeland, his pain over the occupation of it, and his undying hope its return. It was the power of the words that got through to many of us, who at the time were a mere two years younger than the majority of those who were sent off to war, and possibly the same age as some of the , underage soldiers who dodged the age requirement. Most years, when Remembrance Sunday comes around, I read the poems of Charles Hamilton Sorley , who, despite being held by Robert Graves as one of the three important poets killed during the first world war the others being Isaac Rosenberg and Owen , is still rather less known.

In Flanders Fields- poppy poem | EPANTHONY | Flanders field poppies, Poppies poem, Flanders field

Sorley was killed in the Battle of Loos at the age of In these nationalistic times, they still appear transgressive. In this age of the internet, poetry is thriving. I have barely scratched the surface of war poetry here. Two years ago, in this newspaper, Andrew Motion provided an array of suggestions including modern and international poets, arguing that our definition of war poetry has become too narrow.

In the preface, Jones notes how the mix of Londoners and Welshman with whom he went to war were able to find common ground.