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Normally, when we read through the context, we treat it to be the Knave of Hearts. Lead this to be an mysterious issue.

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I think to treat the Knave as either Heart or Club have slight difference in the story and both are interesting. According to the court cards, that kind of hat is wear by either J ack or K ing , and since it can not be the King, so it should be the Knave of Club. I suddenly came up to my mind that those 4 guys are all Knaves. My explanation is that small, not so clear, and a little bit vage "club" sign is actually Spade sign".

Bread and Puppet Theater’s ‘A Monument to the Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera’

Last edited by aliang on Mon Dec 05, pm, edited 2 times in total. It's certainly an interesting topic, and in fact many of the card-characters in Alice have inconsistencies with their suit designs - the King of Hearts has a pattern of all four symbols on his tunic hem, and the Queen of Hearts actually bears far more resemblance to the Queen of Spades!

Everyone thinks that the game will happen in Wonderland Neither the writing in or the younger ones made and directed by Tim Burton;. Wonderland can be either our "Wonderland" or it may be from Wonder Land that would be "wanted or wanted land" or place.

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All of this may be from her mind, all of this can be an internal battle, since Madhata and Arie are totally monochromatic most depictions of depression are all around them gray and bland. Now, if we are to take this interpretation seriously, then Malice and Killice mean her anti-depressant remedies, since they do well Malice and have their side effects Killice. Sinow does not look like Alice, as much as appearance as much as attitudes, since his surname Ustuda means depression, giving the idea in several official arts that she is depressive.

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Since in 5 official images, 3 she is crying or almost;. That may explain why Sinow did not have an eye. I thought of this hypothesis today.

Since I'm doing a frame with the game advertisement image I noticed that the design of Madhata and Sinow are different from normal And if looking at hair, size and clothing we saw that it is the official Madhata, or in the case the 0. The image of the woman with the electric saw;.

So that was the theory, I hope you liked it. Wallpaper Engine Store Page. It is only visible to you.

Prisoner of Wonderland: An ESL Misadventure by Jane Keeler

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