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Just as there are evil people, there are evil spirits. Erik: There are entities who thrive on that. They thrive on separation, on fear, on negative energy.

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Me: So what about multiple personalities? Do these have something to do with possessions? Erik: —or if something really traumatic happens, maybe right before they die. Those are two of the examples I can come up with now.

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Me: Interesting. Okay, I think I have time for four more quick questions. Pause Oh, when people see orbs in photographs, are they truly spirits? Erik: Yeah.

Reincarnation, Channeling, and Possession: A Parapsychologist's Handbook

Erik:—a defined line around the edge. Me: Mmm. Me: Awesome! What happens when animals hibernate? What happens to their spirits?

For and Against: Reincarnation | Spirit of PN

Or plants—what happens to their spirits when they die back in the winter before they return in the spring? Do they go out traveling all over the planet or the universe, like taking a little break or vacation? Erik: Well, the dying back of plants and animals going into hibernation is the same thing.

They pull deep within themselves for a moment of rest. Me: Hmm. Now, can you travel through our bodies, Erik?

What Is Spirit Possession? with Terence Palmer

Me: Okay. I just suddenly gasp for no reason. Me: Yeah, with our consciousness.

Me: I get it. Now, when we dream about our loved ones in a lucid dream, do we actually get to be with them? Me: I know, I know! I love hanging out with you in those lucid dream states.

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Wish there were more of them! Me: Okay, a couple more. Is there a hierarchy of angels? People talk about the seraphic angels, other orders of angels, different types of guardian angels, and so on. Few religious currents have been as influential as the Theosophical. Yet few currents have been so under-researched, and the Brill Handbook of the Theosophical Current thus represents pioneering research.

A first section surveys the main people and events involved in the Theosophical Society from its inception to today, and outlines the Theosophical worldview. Finally, the interaction of the Theosophical current with contemporary culture - including gender relations, art, popular fiction, historiography, and science - are discussed at length.

Author: Russell McCutcheon. A Modest Proposal on Method further documents methodological and institutional failings in the academic study of religion. This collection of essays identifies the manner in which old problems like the presumption that our object of study is a special, deeply meaningful case yet remain in the field. But amidst the critique there are a variety of practical suggestions for how the science of religion can become methodologically even-handed and self-reflexive—the markings of a historically rigorous exercise.

Each chapter is introduced and contextualized by a newly written, substantive introduction. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Powered by: PubFactory. Sign in to annotate. He does not want me to gloss over his concepts or simplify them, even when people cannot immediately understand them.

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Sometimes I understand them myself only later, after I have put several scientific channelings together and seen the interactions between them. Often I have to consult my physics books to understand what he might be explaining. My trances are much deeper when I am channeling general information and when DaBen leads people into various experiences of expanded consciousness.

Through my touch or by transmitting energy to them, he helps people achieve higher energy states where they can answer their questions themselves. When I finish channeling I can remember the concepts that were gone over as though my mind is working in a new way. The specifics, however, fade very quickly. When I read the transcripts of the channelings I am amazed at how much more information is contained in them than I remember channeling.

Reincarnation, Channeling, and Possession: A Parapsychologist's Handbook

But who can prove this is not really the experience of an indwelling demon? At the least, such an energy phenomenon would involve some form of spiritistic influence or infusion of energy. Besides the typical experiences, there are two basic types of channeling: intentional and spontaneous. The channeler is at their mercy. Yet even intentional channels may suddenly be taken over without warning and find themselves at the mercy of their formerly polite spirit guides.

For example, one form brings complete loss of consciousness, while another involves partial loss of consciousness. Thus, there is full trance possession with total loss of consciousness, and light-to-moderate trance possession, in which the channeler retains partial or even full awareness. The Eastern guru Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual adviser at the United Nations, claims to have produced thousands of such paintings. This has occurred in some types of Jungian counseling. They may also move or levitate objects, or imprint them with messages or pictures, or transfer objects from one location to another.

It is universally recognized that apart from these spirits however they may be defined the channelers have no power. New Age Connection Channeling is important to the New Age Movement because many of the spirits impart information on a wide variety of New Age philosophies and practices. In fact, channeling as a whole is one of the pillars of the New Age Movement In our chapter on New Age medicine we cite over 20 examples of how spiritism or the occult influenced the originators of specific New Age therapies plus a large number of New Age health practitioners who have spirit guides, who instruct them in the use of New Age health methods or related areas.

I usually have about three teachers that guide me…. The guide also visually appears to fit over me like a glove. The guide begins to move my arms and hands…. I feel merged with the guide. In particular, this spirit reveals how dreams can be used to develop spiritistic out-of-body excursions and altered states of consciousness. The personality was not mine. The muscles of my face rearranged themselves into different patterns. My normally feminine gestures were replaced by his.