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A list of authors is cross-referenced by subject to aid in locating articles. Compiled programs execute an average of times faster than programs run under Level II. Make extensive use of integer operations, and get speeds times faster than the interpreter. Then enter a command line telling the computer what to compile and what options to use.

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Highly optimized, Z machine code that your computer executes in a flash! Run it now or save it for later. Your compiled program can be saved on disk for direct execution every time. Want to market your programs? Symbolic mathematics is muMATH's power. For the first time, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, integration, differentiation and more can be per- formed on a system smaller than an IBM And in a fraction of the time you could do them manually.

Yet for all its power, muMATH is simple to use. To perform a differentiation you could enter:? Or to add fractions:? If you use math, you'll find countless ways to save time and effort with muMATH. It's a professional tool for engineers and scientists.

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A learning tool for students at any level from algebra to calculus. And if you want to expand your capabilities even beyond the standard muMATH, the option is open. If your local store doesn't have them, call us. Custom furniture for the TRS off ice or home decor. Available in both a high qual- ity and economy series, the basic custom corner desk consoles provide total built-in capabilities for the TRS keyboard, inter- face, monitor, and cassette.

The basic consoles have been designed, not only to enhance the decor of any office or home, but to provide maximum work sur- face area, and the ease of operation.


Distinc- tive features such as: Corner mounting to save space and provide wrap around opera- tion; Copy shelf to add ease in program- ming; Arm rest cushion to eliminate annoy- ing table creases to operators arms; Keyboard height lowered to reduce programming fa- tique; And most of all. That's right, Home for TRS Larger in size than the economy version, the main console is capable of having built-in, multiple accessories such as: Disk Drives, Stringy Floppy's, or Screen Printers.

Included in the main console is a convenient, wide copy drawer. The series also has available a line of matching storage hutches and printer stands.

The unit comes partially dissembled to allow shipping by UPS. It is available in two models, one with and one without built- in capabilities for Stringy Floppy's. The series also has available a matching line of printer stands, some of which provide built- in capabilities for disk drives. TRS users are about to enter an exciting new era in microcomputing called telecommunications telephone communications. I doubt if anyone reading this article can fully comprehend the scope of data and useful information that is available through a simple connection of the computer to the telephone circuit.

It is a totally new concept for interfacing your computer to the outside world through telecommunications. If you do, or when you upgrade to a disk system, you simply move the connector over to the screen printer port of the expansion box.

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Originally it was called "The Universal Modem" but it soon became obvious that the typical user did not know what a modem was. There isn't enough space in this issue to tell you everything, but let's look at a few of the uses. The most common application is to communi- cate with anyone who has a computer not necessarily a TRS and a tele- phone interface. Thus, you can transfer programs over the phone and even play games with suitable software.

You can also communicate with with more than community bulletin boards see listing in this issue , send and receive messages and even offload free programs. One system in California sells software over the telephone! These same timeshare computers allow you to run accounting, engineering, statistical or other programs that would consume far more memory than your TRS could possibly hold. You can join the Source and utilize their full services, send electronic mail or even read the Wall Street Journal, the NYTimesand United Press International on your screen or output the news to your printer.

If you are into stocks, bonds, securities, commodities or simply want to see what your gold bullion is worth today, the data is available.

Stock portfolios can be managed with the Dow Jones service or you can have "real time" quotations not delayed 1 5 minutes with "Ticker Tape". There are many other specialized data bases of interest to doctors, lawyers and other professional people. In summary, there are literally thousands of data bases available, some free.


It is supplied with a Level II, 1 6K terminal program for half and full duplex. Disk users can easily transfer the program to their disk operating system. Optional software includes smart terminal packagesthat permit transferring programs over the telephone, auto log-on routines, a Dow Jones stock management package and numerous high level language programs. However, the modern approach is to make a direct connection between the computer and the telephone line. Probably the most important reason is to avoid the loss and distortion encountered by acoustical coupling.

Direct connection also eliminates the problem of telephone handsets that don't fit into the rubber cups properly and, of course, no annoying whistle is radiated throughout the room.

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By the same token, loud noises in the room which' drive an acoustical modem fruity! The type of telephone you have is also academic with direct coupling. In addition, an Underwriters Laboratories UL approved power supply is used to avoid product liability problems. Thus, the unit can be connected to a serial printer which will echo all the data that appears on the CRT monitor.

If a high quality printer such as the Qume, Diablo or Spinterm is used, even a Level II, 1 6K machine can be adapted to word processing applications by using the cassette version of Electric Pencil. Another important point to mention is the use of a different port address from that of Radio Shack's RS adapter.

The circuitry provides one of the finest radio terminals ever designed and will continue to print "solid copy" even with deep signal fades and heavy adjacent channel interference. The unit is designed for both audio and frequency shift keying baud, hz. There is another feature that will be of tremendous interest to communications users. The reader may have heard of the term "phone patch". FCC and make your thoughts known to ' them. Even the most jaded person cannot fail to be impressed when data transmitted from thousands of miles away spews out across the screen.

Like everything else in your computer, the characters you see on the screen are formed from unique combinations of ones and zeros. The trick in transmitting data over the phone line involves getting the ones and zeros from thereto here or hereto there, as the case may be. ASCII This is accomplished by sending tones somewhat similar to what you hear when you press one of the buttons on your telephone.

A one is represented by a specific tone, while a zero is represented by a second tone. During a data connection, a continuous one is usually trans- mitted. However, as soon as you press one of the keys on your computer, the tones toggle back and forth in a unique combination of ones and zeros that represent the key you selected. You can hear these tones, and the toggling action, by listening on the telephone line while you press a key on the computer assuming you are connected The switching between ones and zeros occurs so rapidly that a single key depression sounds like a click The two tones are more discernible when listening to a steady stream of data FULL DUPLEX Actually there are four tones involved in telephone data communi- cations.

Two of these provide a one- zero pair for the data you originate. These are called the low-band tones At the same time, however, another one-zero tone pair exists on the phone line These are called the high band tones and represent the data being answered back from the computer with which you are communicating.

The advantage of thisduplex system is that it permits the reception of data on the screen at the same time you are sending data from your keyboard.