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This expression shows a lack of respect or approval. British spoken a name used for referring to a typical ordinary person. British a name used for representing ordinary average people in general. British informal an insulting word for an ordinary person. This word shows that the speaker thinks ordinary people are not important or intelligent.

Free thesaurus definition of the ordinary people or person from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. Most people in the world will never achieve their dreams. Success is just not going to happen unless you adopt the right mindset. When we look at the people we admire, they all spent years training themselves to be the very best in their industry. Basketball players in the NBA spent thousands of hours practicing their shot each morning.

Entrepreneurs spent thousands of hours perfecting a product before they decided it was ready to be tested in a public market. Famous writers spent countless hours working on drafts, staying up late at night, and wondering why no publishing company was accepting their work. You want to be extraordinary.

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To achieve top tier levels of success, you have to develop a solid work ethic that allows you to operate at such a high standard. After all, success is something you attract by the person you become.

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One of the biggest problems with the self-development community is a continued narrative of absolutely anything is possible for anyone. A lot of people are living in fairyland.

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My other siblings though didn't study too far. Vikas was always interested in studies. However, one incident changed the purpose of his entire life. That was in his fifth standard. My mother was very upset.

Refuse To Be An Extraordinary Person Trapped In An Ordinary Life

She had pinned her hopes on me and I had let her down. His mother cried that entire night and prayed to god. I had seen her smile through the toughest of situations," he remembers, "When I saw her cry like that, I realised I had disappointed her. I was ashamed of myself. That's when he decided to change the tide.

Since then there was no looking back.

He studied diligently even through their tough times. When I passed my tenth my mother's employees decided to sponsor my education. That's how I completed my education," he recollects. While pursuing his own studies, Vikas realised he could supplement the family income by taking tuitions.

Ugh, another article about success. Aren’t there already enough of these?

I saved up and did a course in networking," he recollects, "Today I have my own little business where I look after networks of small companies. I have even hired two people. His mother stopped working when Vikas' tuitions were enough to cover family expenses.

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  • Today with her only daughter married and her two sons taking care of her needs, Vikas says she has little to complain of. First job?

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    There was nothing else on my mind. These two stories probably do not warrant a bravery award. Yet these two brave men teach you a lot about failure. Have faith in yourself and your abilities.