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BENGALURU: In what could be an indication of the growing appetite for digital content in India, more than half of video streaming customers have signed up for two or more services in the country, shows a new study. The study by market research firm Unomer is based on data generated from in app surveys from over six million smartphone users between May 1 and May Unomer analysed around 17 video streaming services in the country, which includes both ad supported and paid streaming services. MX Player is owned by the Times Group , which owns this site.

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In February, MX Player forayed into original content with an initial slate of five original series and plans to launch close to 25 shows over the next year. At the time, the app claimed to have over million monthly active users and 70 million daily active users. Star India's Hotstar tops the survey with a Reliance Jio TV cornered In terms of geographies, video streaming platforms have seen similar contribution from both large metros and smaller cities. Bengaluru leads in terms of video streaming adoption, with Bapna attributed this trend to the availability of affordable smartphones and falling mobile internet rates.

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Although the card is not intended to be re-sold, we do allow a transfer to another member in case of a hardship life circumstances can unfortunately take one away from trackdays. So, if something happens job makes you move, can't ride motorcycles anymore, etc. Obviously, the person you are transferring or selling the balance to must be a Sportbike Track Time member. The card can ONLY be used for buying track time through the online store - as we have no way of processing a Loyalty Card purchase trackside.

When you purchase the card, it will take hours to process the sale - you will receive email confirmation and then you can start using the card for track purchases The balance on the loyalty card does not ever expire - however, you must maintain a Sportbike Track Time membership to use the card. Add to Wish List Compare this Product.

The markets have also created a new class of private entrepreneurs known as donju. With the help of the elite, who provide access to labor and other resources, the donju have taken over state-run mines, farms, factories and fishing fleets and helped finance a building boom in Pyongyang, the capital. The two groups are believed to split the profits.

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Along with corruption, these changes have given rise to a culture of consumerism and scenes of prosperity: sports cars, cellphones, fancy coffee shops and high-rise apartment buildings in Pyongyang. Despite introducing some limited market-friendly reforms, Mr. Kim has not abandoned the centrally planned economic system, which would undermine the legitimacy of the Kim dynasty that has ruled North Korea since its founding, experts say. Instead, he has focused on reviving state-controlled factories and collective farms and increasing domestic production.

His approach has enjoyed some success: Recent visitors to Pyongyang reported seeing more snacks, canned foods and other domestically produced goods on store shelves.

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Kang Mi-jin, a defector who monitors the economy for the Seoul-based website Daily NK , said she had counted more than 10 domestic brands of instant noodles. Ishimaru, the Japanese journalist. The miners, meanwhile, have been foraging for herbs to sell in the markets. For now, there is no sign that the economy is reaching a breaking point, according to defectors in touch with their relatives in the North.

The prices of rice, corn and fuel remain stable, and the won is holding steady against the American dollar and Chinese renminbi. North Korea also continues to conduct trade through illicit ship-to-ship transfers.

Brown said, referring to Mr.