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It may sound funny, but many marriages today have crashed because they were built on this kind of wrong or faulty foundation. The church of God is also likened to a building.

Hebrew Roots/The original foundation/Faith

This we see in Ephesians Where we are told that the church of God is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, and Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone of the building. When starting a church or ministry, there are also different kinds of foundations you can choose to build your church on. Some churches or ministries are built on the foundation of miracles. That is their central focus.

Now is it a bad thing to have miracles in your church? Certainly not, after all Jesus Himself said in Mark that signs and wonders will accompany those who believe in Him. They will drive out demons in His name, heal the sick and so on and so forth. All these things are good and should be manifest in every church and in the life of every believer. But it is a problem if the main focus of your ministry or church is on miracles.

If you make miracles the focus and foundation of your ministry or church, the day no miracle takes place in your service, people will start losing their interest and commitment to your church or ministry. This was what happened in John The people were following Jesus in large numbers because he had performed a miracle of provision. He supernaturally multiplied five loaves and two small fish to feed over five thousand people.

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Because the people had eaten and were satisfied, they gladly followed Jesus. Not really because they were interested in Jesus or in His teachings but because they had reasoned it out that if I follow this man, if I join His ministry, I will always have food to eat at every service in His church or ministry.

Jesus quickly identified such people amongst the crowds following Him. It is what He did that robbed Satan of his victory, and gave us the victory instead. Many others have said great things, but nobody ever did what He did. Deeds make the difference, for depth is in deeds. Jesus makes it clear that the only difference between the man who went deep and the man who was shallow was in their deeds.

Your Word - Hillsong Worship

Both heard His words, but one did them and the other did not. The only distinction among hearers of the Word that really matters is that between those who are hearers only, and those who are hearers plus doers. Depth is found primarily in what you do. Action is the measure of one's foundation. Any other test of Christian maturity leads to deception.

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James says in , "Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. It will be according to what we have done in the body, and not according to our profession, but according to our practice. It is not just your words but your works that are a witness. The question is not, what do you say to your non-Christian friends and neighbors, but what do you do?

There is no argument against good deeds. The issue is not your speaking of the love of God, but of your demonstration of it in action. The Good Samaritan helped a beaten man by taking him to an inn and paying for his care. Jesus could have said that He spoke to him of the love of God also, but He did not.

Jesus pictured the value of this man by action only. We are not to assume that words are not important, but only that they are not sufficient alone. Words without deeds are superficial, but deeds with or without words are a deep expression of values. One of the strangest paradoxes of life is that we tend to call a man who is active in all kinds of projects for people a do-gooder.


By this we mean that he has a shallow philosophy for the cure of the world's ills. Then we come to Scripture and discover that it teaches clearly that the only Christians who are really deep and solidly Christ-like are those who are do-gooders. Jesus went about doing good, and Paul in Gal. A Christian who is not a do-gooder is shallow however much theology he knows.

Our problem is not Christian education, for you can hear and know the Word of God, and still build on the sand. Our problem is Christian action. We are not digging deed because we are not doing. The purpose for hearing is that we might be motivated to be doing. Massilon, the famed French preacher and orator, use to say, "I don't want people leaving my church saying, what a wonderful sermon, what a wonderful preacher.

I want them to go out saying, I will do something. Only these will be fruitful and wise, and only these will stand firm in the flood. None of us will escape, and so none of us can afford to avoid examining our lives to determine if we are digging deep. Someone wrote,. Lowell wrote, "Every man feels instinctively that all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action. The prayer that Jesus taught is not, thy will be talked about, thy will be sung, thy will be voted on, thy will be praised, thy will be taught, but, thy will be done.

Merrill wrote,. Upload sermon. Luke — Sermon Tone Analysis. By Pastor Glenn Pease Dr. I wrote these questions for all to consider: Is there nothing in your net? Then you haven't gone out yet To the depths where fish abundant can be caught. Will you empty handed be In the shallows of the sea, Or will you launch out deeper as you ought?

God’s Solid Foundation

Some poet wrote- Not words of winning note, Not thoughts from life remote, Not fine religious airs, Not sweetly languid prayers, Not love of scent and creeds, Wanted: deeds. Someone wrote, God will not ask thy race, Nor will He ask thy birth.

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Alone He will demand of thee, What hast thou done on earth? Merrill wrote, Thy will be done on earth, On bended knee we pray, Then leave our prayer before the throne And rise and go our way. And earth is filled with woe, And war, and evil, still, For lack of men whose prayer is, Lo I come to do thy will. The Roman Empire was an example of the city of man which had just been sacked by Alaric in and was the occasion of the book. Augustine was a living example of God's grace that transformed nature. He died August 28, , during the sack of Hippo by the Vandals.

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August 28 is celebrated as his Feast Day in the liturgical calendar. Pope Leo entered the Papacy at a difficult time.

'Laying a Good Foundation'

Alaric had sacked Rome in , and the Huns and the Visigoths were gaining strength. However the Pope proved to be a master statesman and history has deservedly accorded him the title of Pope Leo the Great. One of his first actions in was to bless the missionary efforts of St. Patrick and to ordain him as Bishop of Ireland. A tension in Church authority between papal leadership and collegiality of the bishops was developing over theological questions.

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Rome was the place of martyrdom for Saints Peter and Paul. Rome's position as the capital of the Roman Empire was also supportive of a leadership role for the Bishop of Rome. The Bishop of Rome as successor to St. Peter was the Pastor and Shepherd of the whole Church, as seen with St. The independent Church of the East in Persia believed in two distinct natures dyophysite in Christ and did not accept the wording.

Pope Leo synthesized the thought of the differing Schools of Antioch and Alexandria in a letter known as the Tome. The Council of Chalcedon in was the Fourth Ecumenical Council, which supported Leo's stance that Christ had two natures, Divine and human in perfect harmony, in one Person or hypostasis. This set the theology for Roman and Byzantine theology and was important for European unity.

Just one year later , Attila and the Huns were threatening outside the walls of Rome. Pope Leo met Attila, who decided to call off the invasion!