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What are the cost of success?

Rahim remains a magnetic leading man, but original insights into fame, family and ethnic identity are few and far between. But the demands of his fan base and his family are wearing him down, and a recent series of bad headlines and management decisions have left him spinning his wheels and worrying about the future. He starts to blame his tempestuous brother, Mourad Roschdy Zem , who has served as his agent, manager, bodyguard and sounding board from the very beginning.

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For better or worse, Brahim can always count on his brother. A star isolated by fame?

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  4. A slick agent? A controlling girlfriend who may or may not be a Yoko Ono clone?

    A family that grows fat on his paychecks but turns on him when it matters? Brahim is working with some tame material, on and off the stage.

    Why So Few People are Willing to Pay the Price to be Successful

    Running time: 92 MIN. Production : A Kazak Prods. International sales: Indie Sales, Paris. Producer: Jean-Christophe Reymond.

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    Executive producer: Reymond. Crew : Director: Teddy Lussi-Modeste. Screenplay: Lussi-Modeste, Rebecca Zlotowski. Camera color, widescreen : Julien Poupard.

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    Editor: Julien Lacheray. Generally speaking, we are working more hours and taking less vacation than ever before and suffer from more anxiety and stress than previous generations. While this isn't a new issue for business owners, it's one that really should be addressed before it gets worse.

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    So today I want to look at the psychological cost of being an entrepreneur. What happens when you invest all your physical, financial and intellectual capital on one single asset: your business? What is the true cost of such a decision?

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    As a business coach for over twenty five years, I see a lot of business owners on the brink of burnout. Brilliant individuals with a passion for their industry and their product come to me ready to quit. They are tired of working seventy hours a week and their family life is suffering.

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    And over time the burnout leads to others issues. In order to combat burnout, it is imperative that you take time for your family and your friends. Structure your business in a way that you can step away for an extended period of time without sacrificing growth or sales. This can be done through a series of systems and controls as well as developing a leadership team that has the strategic depth to handle the business while you are away.

    Depression and anxiety is another psychological cost of being an entrepreneur. Working long hours in isolation with no one to turn to for advice or help can quickly turn into something more serious. And that coupled with problems at home can really impair your ability to grow your business and feel fulfilled.