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Mr Andrew Spicer, Professor of Early Modern History, Oxford Brookes University UK , the second keynote speaker, will address the confessional and political conflicts and upheavals during the early modern period in the Low Countries and how they affected the urban and natural landscape. This procession originates from around A. On Sunday 27 May, the participants can join the procession themselves.

Registration is open till 15 May The role of the Landscape. May 24, The Communion of Saints is always with us, but my daily walks have made me more conscious of them. These are the walking saints who I meet along the way — the mom with her two kids in the stroller, the guy with the Golden Retriever, two friends talking and laughing, people on the way to their gate at the airport. Walking brings me face-to-face with the holiness of everyday life.

Who are the saints that you're walking with this Lent?

Walking with the Saints: A Reliquary Experience of Saints throughout History

I'd love to hear about them! Please write in the Comment box below. To read Sister Maxine's first adventure on her Lenten journey, click here.

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Walking with Saints: Protection, Devotion and Civic Identity. The role of the Landscape.

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