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In order to meet the hoisting demands of the job, the Grove GMK was equipped with 90, pounds of counterweights, while the L-1 carried 18, pounds. The National Crane boom truck assisted with some of the lifting maneuvers and also aided the erection crew in placing bridge floor beams and stringers between the trusses.

The new bridge is supported on cast-in-place concrete abutments.

Water Under the Bridge.Rises

Before concrete work could begin, however, Newport Construction had to remove a foot deep layer of unsuitable soil at the south abutment site, replace the material with lean concrete 1, psi compressive strength , then construct the abutment footing and wall. At the other end of the bridge site, the contractor had to drive 16 steel H-Piles, HP14X73, eight vertical, eight battered before casting the concrete footing and north abutment wall.

The roadway deck consists of 8 inches of 4, psi cast-in-place concrete on stay-in-place corrugated steel forms. Three inches of hot-mix-asphalt provide the roadway wearing surface.

Sidewalk slabs consist of 6 inches of 5, psi cast-in-place concrete. The bridges were in various states of disrepair or deterioration, and this project will update them with improvements including the elimination of weight restrictions that currently interfere with transportation circulation and access in the downtown area. The original project scope includes complete replacement of two bridges: Pawtucket Street over the Pawtucket Canal and Pawtucket Street over the Northern Canal, and superstructure replacement at the Suffolk Street over the Northern Canal bridge.

According to Claire V. She indicated that other project items such as utilities, police details, contingencies, MassDOT administration, among others, have increased the overall price tag.

postcaspyro.ga March 21, No Comments. Heavy Lifting US Bridge based in Cambridge, Ohio, prefabricated the steel bridge and shipped it to the Lowell jobsite in multiple pieces, with each of the two trusses separated into halves.

Lean Concrete and Battered Piles The new bridge is supported on cast-in-place concrete abutments. Manhattan Road and Bridge Co. Paul Fournier. Report Abusive Comment Thank you for helping us to improve our forums.