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She has tried to forget the silver malcadh who was taken from her. Nevertheless, the memories of him have started to return. She is also growing weaker, and her sight is failing. She tells her new mate about her malcadh pup and the painful memories. He agrees to go with her to visit the Sark, hoping the witch can heal Morag. Even though the Sark knows Faolan, she makes no attempt to reunite him with Morag. She feels it is better for each of them not to know about the other.

When he returns, the bone on which he had begun gnawing the story is gone. Gwynneth goes to the Sark to tell her about the murdered pup. Together, they strive to solve the crime. The Gaddergnaw Games begin. Faolan and the other contestants participate in competitions — hunting and gnawing stories on bones. When Heep discovers a gnawing sound he makes with his teeth drives Faolan crazy, he uses it to throw Faolan off in competitions.

Heep strives to secure his position and destroy Faolan by accusing Faolan of killing the malcadh pup. He even produces the story bone Faolan had begun to gnaw for the pup. Faolan begins his rebuttal, but the angry wolves are prepared to tear him apart for such an evil act.

She also shows that Heep himself was the murderer.

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Heep escapes. She knows how much the bone means to Faolan and hurries back to let him know. The wolves organize to capture Heep, but Faolan runs ahead. He exchanges words with Heep. Then the spirits of important wolves from long ago appear to support him. Terrified, Heep and the other two wolves run to the far country known as the Outermost.

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The superstitious wolves believe in many prophecies and omens. One prophecy mentions an event that would completely restore the bodies of all malcadhs. Wolf clans honor and worship the Great Wolf of the spirit world, Lupus, who has set an order for them to follow on earth. They believe time and space are infinite, and there are many universes in the endless cycle. As Faolan recalls Thunderheart, he thinks of the bear god, Ursus, and the bear heaven, Ursulana. When wolves die, they take the starry path of the spirit trail to the Cave of Souls. This is mentioned frequently in reference to the deaths of Duncan MacDuncan and the murdered pup.

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Gnaw wolves have an opportunity to guard the Ring of the Sacred Volcanoes if they are skilled at their craft. A wolf witch called Sark of the Slough makes potions to help mothers of malcadhs forget their lost children and prepare their wombs for more pups. She and Faolan each pray to the Great Lupus. Some wolves initially wonder if Faolan is from the Dim World, or Wolf hell, because he gnaws so artfully.

The spirits of wolf ancestors appear to Faolan and others.

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Duncan MacDuncan believes Faolan may have powers that allow him to see the future by staring into fire. Morag finds herself longing for her lost malcadh and goes to the Sark for help. A malcadh pup is brutally murdered, her body ripped apart by a predator. Characters repeatedly note how the pup would have died slowly, in unimaginable agony. Faolan kills a buck, embedding his claws, tearing at the life-giving artery and producing blood. Get free discussion questions for this book and others, at FocusOnTheFamily. Primal behavior: While the animals in the story display unique personality and character traits found in humans, they also act on instinct.

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Wolves of the Beyond: Shadow Wolf

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I look forward to what the future will bring to Faolan. He is now a Watcher of the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes and I am sure he will still wind of having to deal with his old enemy Heep and perhaps will still try to find his mother. I am sure any who fell in love with the owls of Ga'Hoole, will love the wolves as well. I also love the cover art. I recommend this series to those who enjoy good animal fantasy.

Wolves of the Beyond

In this book friendship is made though evil lies in the shadows awaiting for an approach on faolan. Faolan must choose the right people to trust and be awre of his surrounding, for he will find a terrible truth with his friendship. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.

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Wolves of the Beyond #2: Shadow Wolf

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