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Furthermore, Wilburn stated that geology indicates that there is no gold in the Superstition Mountains, which are igneous in origin. However, in some versions, [13] the 'mine' is actually a cache put there by the Peraltas. In yet another version of the tale, two or more U. Army soldiers are said to have discovered a vein of almost pure gold in or near the Superstition Mountains. The soldiers are alleged to have presented some of the gold, but to have been killed or to have vanished soon after.

This account is usually dated to about According to Blair, the story may have its roots in the efforts of three U.

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Thorne of New Mexico; see above. Blair cited evidence of the historical Jacob Waltz and suggested that additional evidence supports the core elements of the story — that Waltz claimed to have discovered or at least heard the story of a rich gold vein or cache. But Blair suggested that this core story was distorted in subsequent retellings, comparing the many variants of the Lost Dutchman's story to the game of Chinese whispers , where the original account is distorted in multiple retellings of the tale.

There was indeed a Jacob Waltz who emigrated to the U. The earliest documentation of him in the U. Blair suggested that this Waltz could be the same Waltz who later came to be regarded as the legendary Dutchman, and that he Americanized the spelling of his family name. Waltz relocated to Arizona in the s, and stayed in the territory for most of the rest of his life. He pursued mining and prospecting, but seems to have had little luck with either. In , Waltz had a homestead of about acres 0. There was a catastrophic flood in Phoenix in , and Waltz's farm was one of many that was devastated.

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Afterwards, Waltz fell ill he was rumored to have contracted pneumonia during the flooding. He died on October 25, , after having been nursed by an acquaintance named Julia Thomas she was usually described as a quadroon. Blair had little doubt that Waltz related to Thomas the location of an alleged gold mine. As early as September 1, , The Arizona Enterprise was reporting on the efforts of Thomas and several others to locate the lost mine whose location was told to her by Waltz.

Were it not for the death of amateur explorer and treasure hunter Adolph Ruth, the story of the Lost Dutchman's mine would probably have been little more than a footnote in Arizona history as one of hundreds of "lost mines" rumored to be in the American West. Ruth disappeared while searching for the mine in the summer of His skull — with two holes in it identified as bullet holes — was recovered about six months after he vanished, and the story made national news, thus sparking widespread interest in the Lost Dutchman's mine. In a story that echoes some of the earlier tales, Ruth's son Erwin C.

Ruth was said to have learned of the Peralta mine from a man called Pedro Gonzales or Gonzalez. According to the story, in about Erwin C. Ruth gave some legal aid to Gonzales, saving him from almost certain imprisonment. In gratitude, Gonzales told Erwin about the Peralta mine in the Superstition Mountains, and gave him some antique maps of the site Gonzales claimed to be descended from the Peralta family on his mother's side.

Erwin passed the information to his father Adolph, who had a long-standing interest in lost mines and amateur exploration. The elder Ruth had fallen and badly broken several bones while seeking the lost Pegleg mine in California. He had metal pins in his leg, and used a cane to help him walk. In June , Ruth set out to locate the lost Peralta mine. After traveling to the region, Ruth stayed several days at the ranch of Tex Barkely to outfit his expedition. Barkely repeatedly urged Ruth to abandon his search for the mine, because the terrain of the Superstition Mountains was treacherous even for experienced outdoorsmen, let alone for the year-old Ruth in the heat of the Arizona summer.

However, Ruth ignored Barkely's advice, and set out for a two-week stint in the mountains.

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Ruth did not return as scheduled, and no trace of him could be found after a brief search. In December, , The Arizona Republic reported on the recent discovery of a human skull in the Superstition Mountains. To determine if the skull was Ruth's, it was examined by Dr. As Curt Gentry wrote, "Dr. Hrdlicka positively identified the skull as that of Adolph Ruth. He further stated, after examining the two holes [in the skull], that it appeared that a shotgun or high-powered rifle had been fired through the head at almost point-blank range, making the small hole when the bullet entered and the large hole when it exited".

In January , human remains were discovered about three-quarters of a mile 1. Though the remains had been scattered by scavengers, they were undoubtedly Ruth's. Many of Ruth's personal effects were found at the scene, including a pistol not missing any shells and the metal pins used to mend his broken bones.

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But the map to the Peralta mine was said to be missing. Tantalizingly, Ruth's checkbook was also recovered, and proved to contain a note written by Ruth wherein he claimed to have discovered the mine and gave detailed directions. Ruth ended his note with the phrase " Veni, vidi, vici. Authorities in Arizona did not convene a criminal inquest regarding Ruth's death. They argued that Ruth had probably succumbed to thirst or heart disease though, as Gentry wrote, "[o]ne official went so far as to suggest that [Adolph Ruth] might have committed suicide While this theory did not ignore the two holes in the skull, it did fail to explain how Ruth had managed to remove and bury the empty shell, then reload his gun, after shooting himself through the head".

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Blair wrote that "the national wire services picked up the story [of Ruth's death] and ran it for more than it was worth", possibly seeing the mysterious story as a welcome reprieve from the bleak news that was otherwise typical of the Great Depression. Throughout the 20th century, various expeditions and individuals continued to search the Superstitions for the Lost Dutchman Mine. One of the most professional and serious-minded efforts was led by Oklahoma City private detective Glen Magill, who organized multiple expeditions in the late s and early '70s, and claimed on at least two occasions to have identified the location of the mine, later to concede he was either mistaken or the locations were "played out," or bereft of gold.

Since Ruth's death, there have been several other deaths or disappearances in the Superstition Mountains. Some searchers for the mine have disappeared in likely wilderness accidents. It is easily accessible about 40 miles east of Phoenix via U. Highway 60 , the Superstition Freeway. Hiking and camping are popular activities. There are several paths that go through the brush and cacti. The short "Discovery Trail" is a clear route with several placards giving the natural history of the area.

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June Tucson, Arizona : University of Arizona Press. Corbin's Legacy". Kollenborn Chronicles. Retrieved September 3, Johns herald. September 8, — via chroniclingamerica. Archived from the original PDF on December 7, Retrieved February 28, Thunder God's Gold. The Denver Post. Retrieved January 25, Original acquisition included items. An additional items were added in Repository Browse List. Accessing Materials Described Here. Collection of western film pressbooks A Guide to the Collection.

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The collection is comprised of pressbooks for nearly western films made between and alphabetized by film title. The majority of the films are American productions from the s and s. Some pressbooks are for the U. The collection is organized into one series. It is arranged alphabetically by film title. The following combination pressbooks are for motion pictures rereleased together as double features, usually filed under the first title on the bill:.

Gunfight at the O. A Fistful of Dynamite , dir. There are corresponding pressbooks for both titles. Box 3, Folder 27 and Box 4, Folder 8.

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Numbers are filed as if they had been spelled out, e. This collection is indexed under the following terms in the Southern Methodist University Libraries' online catalog. Researchers desiring related materials may search the catalog using these terms. Collection of western film scripts A Custer in film collection Ag The collection is arranged alphabetically by film title.